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Overnight   Pet   Boarding   Services

Planning a trip but can't bring your furry friend along? While we'd love to have our pets with us everywhere we go, it's not always practical. That's where Dora's Dog Boarding comes in! We provide secure, enjoyable, and reliable overnight pet boarding services right in your area. Your dog will relish a day packed with play in our expansive play areas, followed by a peaceful night's rest in a comfortable Cabin. Rest assured, we'll ensure your pet has a blast throughout their stay with us!

What’s Included with Your Pet Boarding Stay

You have no need to fret about leaving your pet at Dora's Dog Boarding. While they're with us for boarding, your pup will be engaged in fun activities from morning until night. Our furry guests spend their days playing to their heart's content and settle down each evening in cozy Cabins, complete with comfy cots and fleece blankets. And to cap off the day, we treat them to a Campfire Treat every night. You can be confident that they're having a blast, perhaps even more than you are!

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